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Films, television shows, games, and advertisements all need your music to help tell their stories. With Underscorer, music makers can upload their original tracks to our Music Marketplace, easily set their desired price and licensing terms for that track and, with one button click... the music is instantly licensable by content creators around the globe!

In addition to being the world's best marketplace for licensing music, we have a fun and rewarding system for crowdsourcing the top music from our members.

For each listing, one of our members wins guaranteed upfront money. The winning track is chosen by you and our other members using our awesome . Even better, all winning tracks are placed in our elite library where they can be used in projects that generate ongoing royalties and get great exposure.


Everyone has different strengths. Are you a great singer but your mixes need some help? Can you produce incredible beats but need some live guitar? Looking for a killer cello player? Whichever skills you need, being a member of Underscorer.com makes it easy to connect with incredible talents who will help take your music to new levels of amazing.




Simply post your unfinished track or describe the kind of collaborator you are looking for at that stage. Our system will attract interested musicians who match your critera and allow them to offer their help. You can review their work and choose the collaborator you think works best for your track. Best of all, we handle the business side of things. If your track succeeds as a submission and earns money through our library, we will take care of ensuring the collaborater gets their share.


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