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After your 14 day free trial during the beta, your membership is $8 per month and you can cancel anytime. If you join after the beta, membership is $24 per month.
Yes, even if you cancel your membership you still keep any money you've earned and you will continue to receive the same royalties from tracks already placed.
Typical upfront payments for getting in our library will be between $500 and $1,500 US dollars. On occassion we may have upfront payments that reach close to $10,000. These upfront payments are seperate from the sync payments and royalties you might receive from getting your track used by music licensors.
Unlike most music libraries, we don't take a cut of your music royalties or sync fees.
We allow you to choose a minimum sync fee that you need to receive from production companies before they download your music and use it in their projects.
Yes. We will deposit your payments to your valid Paypal account which will make it available to withdraw in your local currency.


You should have skills on one musical instrument (or voice) as well as the means to record yourself playing that instrument using a professional microphone.
Even if you don't write music, as long as you can perform and produce your own recordings then you will have the skills to collaborate on original compositions written by other members.
You can either search for members on our site who have the skills you need and request collaboration, or you can post an ad in our Collaboration Center explaining the kind of collaborator you are looking for. Members who fit the skills you want will be notified and, if they are interested, you will be able to review their work and notify them if their collaboration with you went final.
For each collaborator listing you make, you specify the percent of your Underscorer income that you want that collaborator to receive if their work is used in your track. If your track makes money through our service, we will automatically pay the collaborator their percent.
Yes, we think this is actually a great way to make the best possible music. You might want to find someone to play an instrument on your track, a different person to mix it, and a different person to master it. You simply post seperate listings in the Collaboration Center for each step of your track's progression.


As long as your track fits the requiments of the listing, you can submit to as many as you like!
You can submit and see listings in any genre, regardless of the genre you choose while creating your account. You can also change your genre and add more genres in your account settings. The main purpose of choosing a genre is so we can get an idea of the main types of music our members are interested in finding licensing for and so other members can find you for collaboration based on your genre.
Yes, as long as that track has not been already placed in our libray from winning a previous listing.
Yes, unless you signed an exclusive contract with that library. We don't require exclusive contracts with our library so you are always free to do whatever else you want with your music, even if you are part of our library and make money from us. We don't reccomend you give your music to any library or production company that requires you to sign an exclusive contract.


You do. Even if you receive money from our service, you are still free to do whatever else you want with your music to make money with any other company or on your own. If you no longer want to be part of our library then simply withdraw your music at any time.
We do not keep the publishing rights or take any portion of your royalties.
No. Even if you get paid by us and used in our library, you can still pursue other opportunities with other companies or on your own.
Whether or not your track becomes a crowd favorite and receieves upfront payment from us, you can upload it to our Music Marketplace and make it visible to productions around the world that might want to use it. We let you choose a minimum sync fee that you'd like to get from production companies and we won't allow those companies to use your music for less than your set fee.
While it's no replacement for a good old-fashioned copyright, uploading your music to our service can actually be very helpful in preventing your intellectual property from being stolen. We digitally timestamp your submissions and track the progress of your work in our Collaboration Center so it's very clear when and where each piece of music originated.

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